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Bespoke joinery services is an area in which we have over 25 years experience. Each project, whatever size, is undertaken professionally with accurate scheduling to assist in the timely delivery of any project. All works from concept, design, project management, right through to the final construction and installation are carried out working closely with our customers to ensure a quality end product and a high level of success and repeat business is achieved.

Bespoke Joinery Services

  • We will take the clients specifications and with our expertise and skills, we will create you a quality bespoke piece made to the highest standards using the finest quality materials
  • We replicate architectural mouldings
  • All designs of timber windows and doors to suit your project
  • High rise bespoke joinery, using specialised rope access techniques we can reach any area of your building
  • We have a team who specialise in historic and stained glass restoration

See some examples of our completed work:

10 Charlotte House – Manchester

This Grade II listed Victorian building was derelict and in need of some serious restoration works before being transformed into apartments or offices. We have a specialist team who sympathise with grade listed and historic restoration and we pride ourselves on having the ability to take on any type of bespoke joinery, even when the client has previously been told that it is in an impossible task. We were therefore more than happy to take on the restoration of the listed staircase, roof trusses and raised fielded doors.


This condemned Victorian Grade II listed staircase had dilapidated timber, all the bolts were extremely rusty and the spindles, handrail and stair treads were all broken or missing. The project was to restore the staircase to match the original features which was challenging even for our highly skilled operatives.

10 Charlotte House, Manchester, staircase restoration, high level bespoke joinery, bespoke joinery

10 Charlotte House-Manchester. Staircase before works.

Staircase During & After Works

The challenge however was accepted, the project began by propping up the floor using acrows and hydraulic jacks to keep the original staircase in position. Then we rebuilt the oak cantilevered beams to repair the staircase whilst restoring the original timber which is grade listed. All bolts were repaired and then using our specialist moulding machinery and original features, the spindles, handrails and stairs.


The original 3.5 meter external doors had been replaced with PVC imitations, therefore our task was to restore replica timber doors as previously existed. To do this, research was necessary to discover how they initially looked. We visited Manchester town hall to obtain archived photographs which would then be used as design specifications to reproduce the doors.

10 Charlotte House Manchester, door restoration, high level bespoke joinery, restoration

10 Charlotte House Manchester. Doors restoration before.


The doors were raised and fielded panel doors at 3.5 meters each. Using moulding machinery, the new doors were created to match the Victorian style and design.

10 Charlotte House, restoration, joinery

10 Charlotte House Manchester. Doors during restoration.


The new doors were then fitted and varnished to finish. As you can see, with our bespoke joinery services you will acquire the very best true craftsmanship.

restoration, 10 Charlotte House Manchester, joinery, high level bespoke joinery

10 Charlotte House Manchester. Doors after restoration.

Roof trusses

The rotting timber that formed the roof trusses needed urgent repair, so this was renewed and refurbished. There was also large parts of missing timber which needed addressing. Using detailed design specifications, the steel work was forged to be used to repair the trusses. This was then sandblasted, stained and re-stained to ensure it was in keeping with the original listed roof trusses.

roof trusses restoration, restoration, high level bespoke joinery

10 Charlotte House Manchester. Roof trusses restoration.

Bespoke Joinery Services Completed Work

Each finish is hand applied using only the best stains, oil lacquer and paints to ensure a surface of exquisite quality. If you are seeking value for money our bespoke joinery services will always keep you satisfied. 

All our bespoke custom joinery is installed by our skilled team to the highest of standards as you can see from the profile of some of completed work below. The installation process is completed in a way to ensure that the minimum disruption is caused to you during any project.

bespoke joinery services, restoration, London, Manchester, UK, crown-services, joinery, window restoration,

Bespoke Joinery Services

The Royal Albion Hotel – Brighton

The bespoke sills and dormers needed repairing over Bar Rouge. We completely removed the angled rotten sills and reinstated new ones. Our expert bespoke joinery team can replicate and replace any bespoke design. All our work is very high quality and undertaken by qualified tradesmen. We transform your ideas, pictures and drawings to suit your needs, you can see the quality of our work in the pictures below. All the defective timber was removed and reinstated using new timber to restore to it’s original bespoke design.

Selsdon Park Hotel – Croydon

Crown Services bespoke joinery services. Where regulations allow it is possible to upgrade windows, meeting more modern expectations of insulation and usability whilst maintaining the original windows authenticity. We handle the entire process with the minimum disruption, from removal to re-installation.