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Brickwork services have become second nature to Crown Services Organisations Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service on every project we undertake, right through to the finished project. Due to our specialised rope access techniques we can gain access to any hard to reach areas and take on any project no matter how difficult it may be.

We know it is vital to our clients that we consistently deliver the highest quality of materials, leadership and workmanship, from initial planning and development through to the final brick laid. Consistent delivery of excellence and customer service is our priority. Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification only serves to confirm those commitments.

Crown Services Organisations Ltd believe that health and safety is of paramount importance when completing brickwork services projects, not only to individual employees, but also to the reputation of the company and its clients. We have established a health and safety record that we believe to be the best in the industry.

Brickwork Services

  • We offer a bespoke service to a wide range of clients, tailored to their specific needs
  • We cover all types of construction including chimneys, schools, hospitals, industrial units, hotels and multi story flats
  • We carry out refurbishment, alteration, repairs and maintenance
  • We have a specialist team who sympathise with grade listed and historic restoration
  • We offer a dust extraction vacuum service with a dust free hurricane grinding shroud

Our Brickwork Services Offer

  • An emergency only 24 hour call out service
  • Brickwork, blockwork and stonework all covered
  • Full supply and fix service at any height

Dust Free Grinding & Sealing Project

Normally, when grinding out joints prior to pointing on a building, a huge amount of dust is created, causing not only risk of dust inhalation for the operatives carrying out the works, but also for any passers-by. Not to mention the dirt and grime the dust will cause on the building or ground below. This is particularly troublesome when working on public buildings, i.e. hotels or offices.

Crown Services can overcome this issue by using state of the art specialist grinders, shrouds and dust extraction units which leaves no extract dust.

This ensures there is no trace of any debris or dust on site whatsoever throughout the project, therefore meaning that the building can operate as normal throughout the works, resulting in no impact or costs on the day to day running for the residents or owners.

The joints were then filled with a 1-part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant suitable for movement joints and connection joints. All works on this project were carried out utilising cradles, whereby almost 8000 linear metres of joints were ground out and re-sealed over a period of 3 weeks.

As an example, please see the below the photo showing the ground out tiles, which were then power washed with a 3000psi power wash to ensure all facades were clean and ready to be sealed.


Dust Free Grinding & Sealing Project, sealing, dust free, building maintenance,

Dust Free Grinding & Sealing Project


See below a portfolio of photographs from one of our many projects:

Central London – Hotel