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Crown Services are experienced specialists in chimney maintenance services and high rise maintenance of other tall structures. Whether you need a one off survey or a regular inspection, we can suit our services to your needs. We cover all chimney maintenance and construction types which includes brick, concrete and steel. All our work is fully accredited and customer satisfaction is always achieved. Preserve your commercial and industrial chimneys and conduct those much needed annual repairs and inspections with our expert steeplejack service. 

Regular maintenance and high quality repairs ensure chimney problems won’t interrupt your industrial processes, while keeping them efficient and safe. Our services cover all your needs including demolition and dismantling.




Steel Chimneys

  • Painting
  • Welding
  • Guy wire servings
  • Aircraft warning lights
  • Strengthening works
  • Steel linings and insulation repaired or replaced
  • Over plating
  • Aluminium cladding
  • Internal & external cleaning

Concrete Chimneys

  • Concrete repairs using epoxy resin based materials
  • Painting
  • Refractory brick lining repaired
  • Steel linings repaired or replaced
  • Internal & external cleaning
  • Demolition & dismantling

Brick Chimneys

  • Brickwork refurbishment including re-pointing, facia replacement
  • Rebuild of external & internal walls
  • Internal & external cleaning
  • Painting
  • Demolition & dismantling

Old Cork Waterworks – Ireland

The chimney inspection on this grade 1 listed brick and stone construction revealed that a high percentage of the brickwork was damp and found vegetation and stone deterioration. Our immediate concern was the unstable condition of the top of the chimney that contained excessive deterioration both internally and externally.

To provide a safe system of work to undertake the repairs, a suspended scaffold was fitted to the top 5mtrs of the chimney using our expert scaffolding service team. We fixed the four corners of the head projectory and removed all deep rooted vegetation. Using our specialised rope access techniques we also cleaned the chimney from top to bottom, restoring it to its original status.

The sacrificial plates were removed from the internal area, all the loose brickwork was removed and replaced with new, and then an over-lining was applied. All the defective jointing mortar was removed and re-pointed.

Growhow Billingham – Annual Chimney Inspection

Crown Services Organisations Ltd annual standard chimney inspection of the 63m chimney located at the back of the Boiler house at Growhow in Billingham. This was inspected utilising steeplejack ladders, including ultrasonic testing and specialist rope access techniques from the summit to ground level. We then compile our findings of any defects.

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Chimney Annual Inspection










Demolition & Dismantling

In addition to chimney maintenance services, inspection and repair operations. Crown Services Organisations Ltd is one of the country’s leading companies able to address and overcome the difficulties involved in major demolition and dismantling.

chimney maintenance services, demolition, dismantling, London, Manchester, UK

Calachem Steel Chimney Dismantling










Calachem Full External & Internal Stack Inspection – August 2015

We carried out a full external inspection from Summit to ground level.

In order to ensure that the internal area was free from poisonous substances, Crown Services utilised a DTB500 trailer mounted jetting unit and a turbo jet and extension bar to clean the internal area prior to carrying out the internal inspection.

Following the internal clean, we carried out an internal inspection, recording ultrasonic readings at 4 cardinal points.

Following the inspections and the internal clean we provided a full comprehensive report along with photographic evidence of the condition of the stack.

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Internal & External Chimney Inspection








Chimney Demolition & Removal – Scotland

Crown Services operatives attended the site, set up a cordoned off area and ladder next to the 30m chimney to prepare it for removal. We utilised a 75 ton telescopic mobile crane to remove the chimney from its vertical position and lay it down horizontally ready for it to be disposed from the site.