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Church Maintenance is an area in which we have over 25 years experience. Whilst respecting and conserving the fine craftsmanship carried out by previous generations in the maintenance and repairs of these beautiful structures, we are aware that in some (not all) instances that repair work on churches or even the original work has been carried out using incorrect materials and techniques. We have the knowledge and experience to recognise these facts and act in the best interest of conserving these structures to their original design. 

Church Maintenance Services

  • Inspections, investigations and surveys are carried out in conjunction with architects, surveyors and conservationist
  • Specialist manufacturers to achieve like for like quality materials in order to preserve the integrity of the building
  • All maintenance and repairs covered at any height
  • Installation and repairs to bespoke joinery
  • Accessing and inspecting high and awkward locations without inconveniencing clients, services or operations
  • Fall protection systems
  • Stone repair services
  • De-vegetation of any hard to reach areas
  • Historic and stained glass restoration
  • Weathervane repairs

One of the benefits of using our company is that we specialise in rope access techniques to carry out high level inspections, maintenance and repairs which is very cost effective. If the use of scaffolding is required, we use suspended scaffolding or drop scaffolding so it does not affect the daily running of the building or impose on the public highway. Using drop or suspended scaffolding is also cost effective in comparison to a tower scaffolding from ground level.  

Below you can see a portfolio of our church maintenance works:

Church Maintenance, London, Manchester, UK

Church Scaffold





Emaus Church – Flint

We carried out the de-vegetation works and also carried out a survey of the tower roof and all brickwork. This was to check for any defects and to ensure the church was in perfect condition.

church maintenance, flint, Manchester, London, de-vegetation, maintenance, repairs