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Drainage services are the solution to all your drain and sewer related problems. With over 25 years experience we have expertise, manpower and equipment to clear your blockage with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption. The first step is for one of our technical surveyors to carry out a site survey. The surveyor will analyze previous problems and isolate areas of concern. A detailed programme is then prepared showing which part of the system needs cleaning on a regular basis. Then, by prior arrangement , our engineers will carry out the scheduled work. We will save you money so call us for a quote. Our drainage services include:

Drain Unblocking

  • Inspections and full drainpipes replaced
  • We offer effective maintenance services to prevent blockages that might disrupt your business
  • Identifying the blocked area
  • Using rope access techniques we can reach any high rise building drains
  • Internal & external cleaning

Drainage Services

  • Drainage work carried out to the highest standards
  • Drain repair and relining services
  • Hopper heads cleaning and repairing
  • Utilising drainage surveys, moling and drain location services
  • We carry out investigative work to help solve any issues
  • Internal & external cleaning

Drain Cleaning

  • It’s difficult to clean your own drain, we provide affordable and efficient drainage work services tailored to your needs
  • Cleaning and clearing through pressure jetting
  • Keeping your property hygienic and your drains functioning properly
  • Internal & external cleaning

See some completed drainage services below:

Marble Staircase External Works – Palace Hotel – Manchester

All labour and materials were supplied to carry out the works to the blocked gutter and downspouts above the marble staircase. The gutter above the marble staircase was blocked along with the downspout and hopper head. Water was not able to drain through properly due to one of the down spout being severely blocked which had resulted in the water seeping through to the internal roof of the marble staircase.

In order for the downspout to be unblocked a section of the drain pipe had to be grinded off to make it accessible to access the blockage in the downspout. Once the first section was unblocked, the blockage was so severe it blocked the hopper head which meant the hopper head also had to be unblocked.

Once all gutters were cleaned out, a waterproof membrane was applied to the gutter to prevent any leaks in the future. The marble staircase round window was re-sealed to ensure no water leaks were to occur. After works were completed all used equipment and materials were removed from the site along with any debris.

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Waterproof Membrane

Lily Lane Primary School – Manchester July 2015

Hopper heads cleaning and repairing

The Palace Hotel – Manchester 

The Palace Hotel in Manchester removal and repair to 3 cast iron downpipes

The Palace Hotel, Manchester, Drainage Services, cast iron, downpipes, repair, removal,

Replacing Downpipes


Hyde Town Hall – Tameside Council

Hyde Library – Tameside Council

Rycroft Hall – Tameside Council