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High rise building maintenance of any building is an area in which we specialise. One of the benefits of using our company is that we specialise in rope access techniques to carry out high rise inspections, maintenance and repairs which is very cost effective. If the use of scaffolding is required, we use suspended scaffolding or drop scaffolding so it does not affect the daily running of the building or impose on the public highway. Using drop or suspended scaffolding is also cost effective in comparison to a tower scaffolding from ground level.

Crown Services Organisations Ltd uses rope access techniques which enables our operatives to work safely and gain access to any high rise buildings and hard to reach places. This method is used as it is rapid, efficient and has minimal impact to the public and on the structure in question. We guarantee to save you money due to having over 25 years experience, our services include:

High Rise Building Maintenance Services & Repairs

  • We are available to save clients time, inconvenience & money whilst increasing safety by deploying rope access techniques or various suspended scaffolding services
  • We ensure accurate survey reports produced to deadlines
  • Safety checks to structures can be carried out quickly & safely
  • Our clients get the best value for their high level painting & installation due to rope access techniques
  • High rise bespoke joinery services including historic & stained glass restoration
  • High rise stone replacement & de vegetation services
  • Steeplejack services & chimney maintenance
  • High rise box skylight installations, brickwork services, concrete repairs, decking services, drainage work, dacfill waterproofing, gutter cleaning, lead works, plastering services, welding services, roofing cladding & felting services
  • High rise surveys & inspections
  • Banner & signage installations
  • We install, inspect & maintain high rise building flagpoles
  • Weathervane repairs
  • Re-sealing high rise windows

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High Rise Building Maintenance & Steeplejack Services

See a profile of works below:

Horden House – Liverpool – 20/03/2010

After a full inspection of the building was carried out using rope access techniques, a full refurbishment of all windows was completed including external cleaning of all frames. All works from the survey to the refurbishment of the outer frames was carried out from our specialised rope access techniques, resulting in a substantial cost saving against hard standing scaffold.

Palace Hotel – Manchester – Re-Sealed Windows

The marble staircase round window was re-sealed to ensure no water leaks were to occur. After works were completed all used equipment and materials were removed from the site along with any debris.

Palace Hotel, Manchester, repairs, services, high rise building maintenance, rope access,

Windows Re-Sealed

Debenhams – Stockton on Tees

We received instructions from Debenhams to carry out an in-depth survey to identify the defective areas in the Portland stone. The survey revealed extensive fractures throughout the stone fabric, and a high percentage of the window panes and frames required attention.

Our findings were submitted to Debenhams Building and Conservation Department, which led to our company being awarded a contract to provide and install our cost effective pedestrian scaffolding system, to carry out stone replacement/repairs, re-decoration, and the replacement of the defective glazed areas. This involved precision timing and co-ordination with Debenhams personnel to access areas concealed behind advertising and shelving placards on the shop floor, maintaining the safety of the public.

The Royal Albion Hotel – Britannia Group – Brighton – 2015

We repaired a leak which up on investigation we found had occurred due to a blockage in the gully outlets. We recommended that 2 gully outlets were cleared of all debris and unblocked. Approximately 20m of the gully require clearing and a layer of dacfill waterproof membrane was then applied to ensure the gully was watertight.

In this same area we noticed that approximately 25 roof slates were missing or defective. Therefore we recommended new slates to be supplied and fitted to replace all defective and missing slates.

Skyline Central Building Banner Installation – Manchester

High rise building maintenance including the installation of banners and building signage. We are fully equipped to install a wide range of advertising media. We were asked on this project for our banner installation team to use rope access techniques as we are capable of installing banners and signage anywhere on buildings and other high rise structures. Subject to the type of installation and the site conditions we used specialised rope access, our own truck mounted access platforms and a temporary cradle basket.

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Banner Installation

The Palace Hotel – Manchester – 24/09/2014

We carried out a survey using rope access techniques to survey the full building. It was observed that behind the cast iron downpipe at all levels water was entering the building through the mortar joints, and that the felt roof at the base of the glass dome was leaking in various areas probably due to scaffold tubes being used without scaffold boards being used underneath them.

We carried out the following works at the palace hotel Manchester :-

  • Carried out the double boarding of the glass dome roof where required
  • Prepared and re-felted the defected areas at the base of the dome approximately 1.5 metres x 20 metres, all detailed felting
  • Removed all sections (very carefully) of the cast iron downpipes and lower down safely to roof level
  • We grinded out the defected mortar joints and re-pointed
  • We re-fitted any original downpipes that were still in good condition or if not then replaced them. All downpipes were then painted
  • Access to roof level was gained through one room only  for the duration of the remedial works. This ensured it did not affect the daily running of the building