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Lightning protection services are imperative for the safeguard of structures and people, as such annual maintenance is a vital part of a system’s longevity, safety, efficiency and is recommended annually by both BSEN62305 and BS6651. 

Lightning Protection Services

  • Site survey
  • Material supply, including surge protection devices
  • Lightning protection and earthing
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance
  • Fall protection systems


Lightning Protection Services, Crown Services Organisations Ltd, London, UK, inspection, repairs, installation, maintenance

Lightning protection delivered from our qualified experienced staff

Why Use Lightning Protection Services?

Lightning protection services are even more important today than in the past. Today’s competitive businesses are demanding more sophisticated electrical systems and communication infrastructures. A lightning strike to an unprotected building today can cause greater destruction even if it is not visually apparent like structural damage or fire. Even an indirect lightning strike on a building can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage.

With the global climate also changing, it is predicted that the UK will experience more thunderstorms and lightning strikes in the future. We have designed and installed lightning protection on some of London’s and the UK’s most prestigious buildings. Lightning can be enough to seriously disrupt the daily running of your business. Because of the increase of, and dependency on technology in business today the data and information stored on your business computer system is extremely vulnerable. If your building is not fully protected by professionals all your important information can be lost forever.

We would be delighted to undertake surveys and submit recommendations upon your instructions. We can promise a speedy, efficient and professional service, all at a very competitive price. It is important that Lightning protection systems are correctly designed and installed by specialist engineers.

At Crown Services we understand the need of this protection to reduce the risk of ‘loss of human life’ and ‘loss of service to the public’ in accordance with BSEN62305. With this protection being a requirement for building insurances this is usually done every 11 months in order to cover all seasons. The effectiveness of the Lightning Protection System may be reduced over time due to corrosion, adverse weather conditions or physical damage, which the resistance values can fluctuate adversely over time and are susceptible to changing weather conditions.

Crown Services Organisations Ltd are also certified members of both ATLAS and the Steeplejack & Lightning Protection Training Group (SLPTG).

Tame House – Brother Int Europe Ltd – 2013

After a full inspection we recommend that a roof tape system is installed around the perimeter of the roof with corresponding cross tapes all connected to the existing down tapes, this will give continuity throughout the lightning protection system. As it stood the system was not compliant with the standard as initially installed. We gained access to the roof level of the above site, set up safety lines and carried out the following works:

  • Installed 250 metres of plain aluminium tape fixing it down with felt pads
  • Formed mechanical joints at all junctions and at the joints to existing down tapes
  • All joints were applied with corrosion inhibitor paste applied to mating surfaces
  • Aircraft warning lights
  • Lightning protection and earthing to specific requirements
  • External cleaning after completed works

Lightning Protection Services, Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Manchester, London, UK, Brothers,

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