Bruntwood Plaza Liverpool

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Bruntwood Plaza Liverpool – Structural Project

Bruntwood Plaza Liverpool structural project which was located in a busy area of the city centre, surrounded by a heavy volume of pedestrians, large car park, building site and in close proximity to the estuary. We were called in for this project to conduct a survey and report any findings.

This structural project specification was found that the redecoration of the 320NO lattice fins at the top of the building and repairs to the concrete support beams forming the summit promenade on the 17th floor were in need of repair. This high rise project was all to be carried out using specialised rope access techniques.

Due to the heavy salt content and the damp conditions brought about by the prevailing wind from the estuary, stringent preparation had to be adhered to in order to achieve a high quality redecoration finish as per the paint manufacturer’s specification. This involved a vast amount of water to remove the salt content and then four individual paint applications were required.

To provide a safe system of work, accommodating the protection of pedestrians and the surrounding properties, scaffolding fitted with netting and water catchment systems were utilised. A high percentage of the preparation to the lattice fins had to be undertaken in the early hours or late evening.

The 14 week project was completed with minimal effect on or interaction with the occupants of the building without any complaints from the local council departments and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

  • Client: Bruntwood Plaza
  • Date: October, 2005
  • Services: Concrete Inspection, Surface Refurbishment, Netting Applications, Scaffolding Services, Rope Access Services, Painting, High Rise Building Maintenance