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Chimney Inspection

We were completing a project chimney inspection on a grade 1 listed brick and stone construction with elaborate ornate features, the chimney inspection revealed it had been obsolete for a considerable time.

The chimney inspection revealed that a high percentage of the brickwork forming the main column was damp and contained a high degree of vegetation and deterioration. Our immediate concern was the unstable condition of the top 2.5mtrs that contained excessive deterioration both internally and externally.

The four corners of the head projectory were severely cracked, loose and dangerously unsafe sections of the brickwork forming the blocking contained open joints and deep routed vegetation. The internal sacrificial plates were dislodged due to insufficient stability in the internal brickwork.

To provide a safe system of work to undertake the repairs, a supporting/access scaffolding was fitted to the top 5mtrs of the chimney. The sacrificial plates were removed from the internal area, all the loose brickwork was removed and replaced with new, and then an over-lining was applied. All the vegetation was removed from the blocking area, then all the defective jointing mortar was removed and re-pointed. The defective corner sections in the head projectory were measured then removed, and new Portland stone sections were installed.

Motorised cradles were erected, providing access to remove the vegetation and stem the fractures in the main column.

The chimney was returned to its original status and structural stability was regained, to the satisfaction of the client and the Heritage Society.

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Crown Services Project
Chimney Inspection - Cork Waterworks
Article Name
Chimney Inspection - Cork Waterworks
After our chimney inspection we provided a safe system of work to undertake the repairs, a supporting/access scaffolding was used & specialised rope access.
  • Client: Cork Waterworks - Ireland
  • Date: January, 2010
  • Services: Grade One Listed Chimney Inspection, Steeplejack Services, Structural Enhancement & Stone Replacement, Brickwork Services, De-Vegetation, Scaffolding Services.