Elevated Flare Stack

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Elevated Flare Stack Project

Due to client confidentiality, it would be inappropriate to name this Elevated Flare Stack project site.

We were invited to site to discuss the possibility of carrying out a feasibility study to dismantle one of the three flare risers, to produce a time scale in the eventuality of an emergency situation arising, and the flare tip also required replacing.

The flare arrangement consisted of three independent flare risers, containing molecular seals and flare tips, connected by guide arms to the support structure. The design allows one flare system to be dismantled and lowered down to ground level for inspection / refurbishment, with the two remaining flare systems on full production.

The method is to separate the riser sections and ancillary lines at the first flange area up from ground level, with the remaining riser sections, molecular seal and flare tip held in suspension with a high capacity hydraulic jacking system. Once lifted, the bottom riser section is then lowered from the vertical to the horizontal via hydraulic tirfors and, with the aid of a crane, placed into the storage area for inspection and refurbishment.

The remaining riser sections are jacked down, removed and then placed into storage.

When the last riser section i.e. the top section containing the molecular seal and flare tip, is in position securely bolted to the base swivel arrangement, the hydraulic jacks are disengaged and the tirfors are secured, lowering the riser, molecular seal and flare tip from the vertical to the horizontal, providing easy access for refurbishment and flare tip change out.

Upon completion of all modification and refurbishment, all the raised flanges are cleaned, gaskets and flange bolts are re-issued and the flare system is re-erected.

On this particular occasion, the client had been experiencing problems with the thermo-coupling cables; rainwater had penetrated the junction boxes, rendering the system inoperable. To prevent this situation from reoccurring, continuous thermo-coupling cables were fitted during the re-erection.

The minor design faults on the support structure, hindering the riser on its’ descent, proved to be invaluable information; prompting modification to the two remaining flare systems in preparation for future flare tip change outs.

The project was completed to the complete satisfaction of all concerned. We were complimented on our professionalism and eye for detail, and therefore were invited back on numerous occasions to carry out the procedure again.

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  • Client: Confidential
  • Date: November, 2011
  • Services: Hydraulic Jacking System, Repair Services, Inspection