Grand Hotel Llandudno

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Grand Hotel Llandudno – Maintenance Project

Britannia Grand Hotel Llandudno. We conducted a rope access inspection around the entire hotel and roof areas to identify any issues in need of maintenance or repair. Once all the areas had been identified Crown Services compiled a report taking before and after photographic evidence and providing a full comprehensive report on completion.

We found several maintenance issues in hard to reach areas and reported our recommendations to fix and prevent any further problems and began work on this project. These included high rise slate repair, turret, roof dormers, windows repairs and resealing, vegetation removal, any cracks rendering grounded out and repointed, painting and timber replacement.

Rope Access Inspection

Offering a comprehensive range of inspection services we utilised our rope access service. Our expert team can access areas of any structure with minimal impact, providing you with vital evidence and information, pinpointing specific faults or areas in need of immediate attention. Our rope access inspection was submitted with photographic evidence, complete with a detailed report of subsequent findings.

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Rope Access Inspection


Fitting Roof Access Scaffold

Our expert team have been designing and supplying access solutions and scaffolding to tailor the most suitable system for the access needs of our clients, providing functionality, safety and efficiency. As you can see from the portfolio below, we had to build and design this scaffold to gain access to the roof.


Slate Roof & Turret Repairs

On inspecting the roof and turret we found slates which were broken, missing or badly damaged. We had to replace them all using a steeplejack ladder and our rope access techniques. This was an urgent requirement for repair due to the location of this damage. 

The slated roof where the scaffolding was in place on Happy Valley Road elevation had an issue whereby the slates were not overhanging to ensure that rainwater ran into the gutter. As a result the water was running down the back of the gutter, down the wall and most likely behind the cavity, causing all the timber to be revealed and all the slates became stuck together. Around 350 slates were removed then replaced and positioned correctly to allow the rain water to flow into the gutter.

High Rise Dormer Roof Repairs

Without removing the roof it is impossible to say what condition the supports are in, after our inspection we sealed under the roofing felt above and over the roofing felt on the sides.

The roof was badly in need of repair and after we finished they looked brand new and left completely water tight. Roof access scaffolding was required to gain access to the dormer roofs.

Crown Services Project
Britannia Grand Hotel Llandudno - Maintenance Project
Article Name
Britannia Grand Hotel Llandudno - Maintenance Project
We conducted a rope access inspection around the entire hotel and roof areas to identify any issues in need of maintenance or repair.
  • Client: Britannia Group
  • Date: January, 2016
  • Services: Rope Access Inspection, Scaffolding Services, Slate Repair, Turret Repair, Roof Dormer Repairs, Windows Repairs & Resealing, Vegetation Removal, Cracks & Rendering Grounded Out & Repointed, Painting & Timber Replacement.
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