High Level Flare Stack

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High Level Flare Stack

Due to client confidentiality, it would be inappropriate to name this high level flare stack project site.

The project requirements were to carry out a complete refurbishment program to the summit area, which involved:

  • Preparing all the areas to be removed (i.e. odd bolting), removing a proportion of the flare tip and molecular seal flange connections
  • With the aid of a crane, the flare tip and the ancillary gas, pilot, ignition and steam lines were disengaged and lowered down to ground level and stored for refurbishment
  • Upon completion of the above, a strong back lifting pad was bolted to the top flange of the molecular seal. At this stage the top level guy wires were released for the molecular seal to be lifted
  • The molecular seal was lifted and lowered down to ground level, and then stored in a support cradle
  • The defective guy wires were removed and replaced with new
  • The raised face flanges on the riser section, the molecular seal and the flare tip were cleaned and fitted with gaskets, and then covered in preparation for re-assembly
  • The defective molecular seal access platform was removed and a replacement access platform re-fitted. Then the molecular seal was lifted and re-bolted to the riser
  • The guy wires were fitted to the ground level anchor points and re-tensioned
  • The refurbished flare tip and ancillary lines were re-instated

The project was on a critical path schedule and was completed to the satisfaction of all concerned ahead of time, minimising the loss of production.

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  • Client: Client confidential
  • Date: June, 2006
  • Services: High Level Flare Stack Refurbishment, Installation