High Rise Building Maintenance Project

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Network Rail Square One Building – Manchester

We were asked on this high rise building maintenance project initially to inspect the galvanised panels on the Network Rail Square One building in Manchester. Due to the high winds and vibration there had been a little movement which had loosened a section of cladding and resulted in 3 panels coming loose.

Following the site visit on the 07/05/2015 the 3 panels were removed and then we applied a safety netting in order to visqueen defective areas where panels had come loose on the rear elevation to ensure the building was safe.

We carried out a full survey of all the rear elevations using specialised rope access techniques, whereby the findings were then detailed with photographic evidence in a comprehensive inspection report.

Our expert team then started work on the 3 large aluminium cladding panels by welding them off site and re fixed them to the building whilst abseiling, causing minimum disruption to the day to day running of the busy Network Rail building.

To prevent any other panels coming loose, Crown Services fitted 500sqm of 4mm twine knotted netting (which is designed for heavy duty strength and abrasion) to the whole of the rear elevation. It was fitted with tensioning wire and fixings to ensure the aluminium cladding was safely secured to the building. This was done as a temporary measure whilst a more permanent solution was designed and signed off by a structural engineer.

On further investigation of the cladding, it was determined that there were not enough tek screws in place to keep the panels from slipping, so we decided to use 50mm long stainless steel tek screws with rubber washers to each of the panels, having at least 3 new screw fixings per panel along the horizontal plane (shown below). The external elongated panels will have a minimum of 7nr new fixings along the horizontal plane (highlighted by the yellow line). These tek screws were fitted using rope access techniques.Network Rail Square One ProjectFinally, all remedial repairs were highlighted in our inspection report and carried out, including lightning tape repairs, replacing screws and re-fixing panels and flashing.

The building was returned to its original status and structural stability was regained, to the satisfaction of the client.

 Netting To Keep Cladding Safe

Sealing of Front Elevation Windows

We were asked by Ascot Services Ltd to complete this project on the Square One building in Manchester. We cleaned around the windows and removed the old sealant surrounding the 14 large windows. We then replaced with new sealant above the reception (front elevation). We provided a detailed report with before and after pictures following the completion of the work.

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Sealing Windows

Crown Services Project
High Rise Building Maintenance Project
Article Name
High Rise Building Maintenance Project
High Rise Building Maintenance project, inspect cladding panels. We welded & re-fixed them to the building and fitted a building safety netting to secure cladding panels.

Paul was happy to leave us this testimonial and said he would use our services again in the future. Ascot Services Ltd asked us to clean and seal all the high rise windows using our specialised rope access services. When we asked Paul if he was satisfied with our service, he replied "I was very satisfied with the service provided by Crown. They helped me out when I was at a loss how to access a particular area of the building and provided a professional, prompt and courteous solution to my problems" We asked Paul what strengths he thought we demonstrated on the project and he replied "A high level of communication from my initial enquiry up to completion of the works including a report including photos. Although I did not meet the onsite teams directly, I had no complaints and all seemed to run to a professional standard. Shanna assisted where needed and was attentive and accessible at all times. I had conversations with Crown Senior Management who again, were courteous and helpful"

Paul Martin, Ascot Services Ltd - Square One Building