HP Foods – Birmingham Project

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Structural Project

HP Foods Birmingham project tested our skills. Our initial enquiry was to carry out an external inspection to the 45mtr high multi flue steel chimney, and to submit a quotation for the cleaning and painting of the chimney to remove the extensive rust discolouration staining from the windshield.

On gaining access to the summit area it became clearly obvious why the windshield contained excessive discolouration staining; on a previous repair program an incompetent company had removed the original flue liner projectories and made a disgraceful attempt to fit new, which were undersized allowing constant rainwater penetration into the internal void, and eventually seeping out of the flanges. This had a grave effect on the condition of the flue liners housed within the windshield, and promoted immediate investigative action requiring the removal of a small section of the windshield.

The first cut in the windshield was made directly above the first flange down from the summit, releasing a deluge of water. The inspection of the internal void revealed a total collapse of the insulation wool and that the mild steel flue liners contained holes, basically on the verge of collapsing, allowing the boiler exhaust gasses to vent into the void.

Emergency arrangements were made to mobilise cranes and to remove and discard the dangerously unsafe top section, and to remove the middle section down to ground level in order to carry out an in-depth inspection. The middle section was found to be in a satisfactory condition, therefore was re-erected and then fitted with the correct summit closure arrangement. The project was completed with minimum production down time, and to the complete satisfaction to all concerned.

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  • Client: HP Foods - Birmingham
  • Date: September, 2005
  • Services: Steel Chimney Dismantling and Modification, Inspection, Rope Access, Cleaning and Painting