Steel Process Stack

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Steel Process Stack

Due to client confidentiality, it would be inappropriate to name this Steel Process Stack project site.

An emergency situation had arisen, where the obstruction light situated at the summit of a 137 meter high stack failed. We were instructed to mobilise a work force immediately.

Site discussions revealed that there were no replacement obstruction lights on site, and so the second set down from the top would have to be removed and transported to the summit area, and then fitted to replace the defective system.

Upon gaining access to the chimney, unforeseen problems hindered the project. The top 5 metres of the access ladder had deteriorated to an unacceptable level to provide safe passage to the summit. The excessive deterioration was a direct result of the corrosive elements contained in the process exhaust deposit keying to the ladder.

To overcome this problem, a temporary scaffolding system was suspended, bridging this area to provide safe passage.

The defective obstruction light was removed, and the second set down from the top was installed to the summit area.

Unfortunately, when the electrical supply was introduced the system failed.

We were then instructed to carry out a continuity test of the main supply cable and the junction boxes, which revealed total failure throughout the system, prompting the introduction of a continuous electrical supply eliminating junction box connections.

Upon completion of the continuous electrical supply, the system was tested and proved to be a total success, illuminating the obstruction lights.

Due to the severity of the corrosion to the top 5 meters of the access ladder, we were then instructed to carry out a complete survey to the summit areas i.e. the gantry and the gantry hand rail system. Removing all the debris caused by exhaust deposit revealed excessive deterioration, and that the handrail system had been completely obliterated by the exhaust deposit. If this had been left un-noticed, then further deterioration could have rendered this area to be dangerously unsafe, and in the worse case scenario the handrail system could have fallen down to ground level.

The project was completed to the complete satisfaction of all concerned, and also promoted an annual repair program to be implemented.

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  • Client: Client confidential
  • Date: April, 2003
  • Services: Steel Process Stack Repair, Scaffolding Services