The Royal Albion Hotel Brighton

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The Royal Albion Hotel Brighton – Various Maintenance Repairs

The Royal Albion Hotel Brighton. Due to leaks occurring we conducted an inspection around the entire hotel and roof to identify any areas which were causing issues. Once all the areas had been identified Crown Services completed the works, taking before and after photographic evidence of each job and providing a full comprehensive report on completion. We found several leaking areas and reported our recommendations to fix and prevent any further leaks and began work on this project.

Leaking Pavilion Bar Roof

We identified that there was water ingress leaking from the pavilion bar roof and balcony. To repair this all electrical cables were lifted. Then a layer of dacfill was applied to an area of 15m x 4m across the bar roof and balcony and all associated upstands to railings. We then applied a layer of fibreglass matting and a further layer of dacfill to make the area watertight.

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Gulley And Tile Repairs

There was a leak above room 407 which up on investigation we discovered had occurred due to a blockage in the gully outlets. To repair this leak 2 gully outlets were cleared of all debris and unblocked. Approximately 20m of the gully required clearing and a layer of dacfill waterproof membrane was applied to make the area watertight.

In this same area, there were approximately 25 slates which were missing or defective. New slates were supplied and fitted to replace all defective and missing slates, ensuring the roof was watertight and preventing further problems.

Replacing Down Pipe

At the base of the rainhead, the downpipe from the sun terrace was blocked. To resolve this blockage, a 1.5m section of defective pipe was cut out, redirected and introduced into a man hole. We carried out the work using our specialised rope access techniques and scaffolding services.

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Downpipe Repair

Dumb Waiter Removal And Bricking Up Voids

On investigation the dumb waiter was still in place, this was removed along with all associated running gear. The dumb waiter was 22m in height. Using our specialised rope access techniques we dismantled the outer corrugated iron sheeting, all substrate timber and associated steel work.

When all external materials had been dismantled we then removed the access doors on each floor and bricked up all voids. All 22m was made watertight and all debris was removed from the site.

Bespoke Joinery Sills And Dormer Replaced

The bespoke sills and dormers needed repairing over Bar Rouge. We completely removed the angled rotten sills and reinstated new ones. Our expert bespoke joinery team can replicate and replace any bespoke design. All our work is very high quality and undertaken by qualified tradesmen and we transform your ideas, pictures and drawings to suit your needs, you can see the quality of our work in the pictures below. All the defective timber was removed and reinstated using new timber to restore to the original bespoke design.

Lead Dormer Repairs

Lead repairs to the dormer were identified and we carried out the following repairs. We carefully removed the folded lead from the dormer to be set aside for reuse. If this is not possible on a project we will supply and fit new lead to the dormer. After replacing the new timber we repaired the lead to the dormer to its original bespoke design.

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Leadwork Dormer Repairs


Crown Services Project
The Royal Albion Hotel Brighton Project
Article Name
The Royal Albion Hotel Brighton Project
The Royal Albion Hotel Brighton Project. Due to leaks occurring around the hotel we conducted an inspection around the entire roof and hotel to identify any areas which were causing the leaks.
  • Client: Britannia Hotels
  • Date: November, 2015
  • Services: Inspection, Waterproofing, Resolving Leaks, Gulley & Tile Repairs, Downpipe Installation, Redirecting & Installing New Drainage Systems, Supply & Fit Lead Spitter & Pipes, Dismantling Dumb Waiter, Rope Access Techniques, Scaffolding Services, Bricking Up Voids, Replacing Rotten Timber Sills Dormer & AHU, Lead Dormer Removal & Replacement, Bespoke Joinery.
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Nick Wright the manager of The Royal Albion Hotel Brighton, part of the Britannia Hotels group left us this testimonial on 29/10/2015. Nick was satisfied with all works carried out and was impressed with our communication, flexibility, planning, quality of work, efficiency, value for money, documentation and all of our operatives on site. When we asked Nick if he thought we could make any improvements to our services he responded "I am very happy with services and workmanship that your company carried out at the Royal Albion Hotel and would recommend you for any further works needed"

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