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Roofing cladding felting services, specialising in the design, supply and installation of commercial and industrial roofing, cladding and felting products. Contact us and we will save you money due to us specialising in rope access techniques to carry out high level inspections, maintenance and repairs which is very cost effective. We can reach all difficult areas and gain access easily to complete the work professionally, while saving you time and money. 

Roofing Services

  • Single Ply Membrane systems
  • Slate and tile repairs
  • Roof overlay systems
  • Specialising in industrial, commercial roofing, including new builds, re-roofs, strip, re-sheet and repair work
  • Install and maintain all types of roofing and cladding systems and box skylights
  • De vegetation from high access areas
  • Waterproofing and fixing all leaking areas

Cladding & Felting Services

  • Double skin built up cladding systems including overlays to existing roofing systems
  • Using various profiles of plastic coated metal steel sheeting, cladding and composite panels
  • Survey, design and estimating service
  • High performance felt systems

See some of our completed work below:

The Palace Hotel – Manchester – Felting Services

The timber on the roof had rotted badly enough that we felt new timber had to be installed and the roof had to be re-sealed and re-felted. 

The rotten timber was removed from the roof and the debris was removed before new timber could be installed to replace the damaged timber.

A coat of underlay was applied to the roof to seal it before another layer of felt was laid on top of it. Around the corners of the roof. We then replaced the lead back over the new felt to seal it properly.

The roof was later cleaned, removing all debris, used materials and equipment.

The Royal Albion Hotel – Brighton 2015 – Roof Waterproofing Services

While inspecting The Royal Albion Hotel we identified that there was water ingress leaking from the Pavilion Bar roof and balcony.

To repair this, all electrical cables were lifted. Then a layer of dacfill was applied to an area across the pavilion bar roof and balcony and all associated upstands to railings, followed by a layer of fibreglass matting and a further layer of dacfill to make watertight. This ensured there were no further leaks.

The Royal Albion Hotel, Waterproofing, Roofing, dacfill waterproof, repairs, London, Manchester, UK, maintenance, high rise building maintenance,


Network Rail – Coventry 2015 – Cladding Services

Crown Services were asked to secure the cladding and roof panels on this emergency call out by Mitie. Continually monitoring the weather conditions based on experience and sound judgement, particular attention to be paid to wind speed, direction and strength. If the weather conditions continued to the point where the Supervisor deemed it unsafe to carry on e.g. electrical storm, heavy rain, hail, heavy snow then all operations must cease and operatives are to descend to ground level for health and safety.

Weights and basket and abseil techniques were used to gain access to the roof panel which has come loose. From there the area was investigated and made safe. Once the job was complete, Crown Services advised the site engineer that all works were complete and vacated the site after ensuring all waste was removed and left in a clean condition.

All defects found were recorded via digital imaging and submitted with a full report.

Network Rail, Coventry, Manchester, London, UK, high rise building maintenance, repairs, services, cladding,

Roof Panel Repairs

Mitie – Piccadilly Tower – Manchester 2016 – Leaking roof emergency call out

We attended the site on 18th January to resolve a leak. A tower scaffold was used to gain access to the ceiling tiles, to allow for a full investigation of the pipes and ceiling. A water test was carried out in the outlet which resulted in no water leaking onto the floor at all. Following this, the pipe joints were investigated and no issues were found.

The roof area around the base of the ladder was then cleared of all water. A layer of dacfill waterproof membrane was applied, followed by a layer of fibreglass matting, then a final layer of dacfill to make watertight.

Dacfill Waterproofing, Waterproofing, Roofing, dacfill waterproof, repairs, London, Manchester, UK, maintenance, high rise building maintenance,

Dacfill Waterproofing

Selsdon Park Hotel – Croydon – Felting Services