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Safety netting is of great importance to external buildings, especially in high winds. Safety netting offers complete safety for falling or loose objects on all of our maintenance projects which protects the public. 

Due to the growing demand and need for safety netting, we can provide specialised rope access solutions and netting as a complete package to suit your individual needs. We have over 25 years experience and provide excellent customer service.

The main aim of safety netting is to absorb a large percentage of the energy from a falling or loose object. When impacted, the net will take the weight with minimum rebound, with the purpose being to keep the cladding panels in place.

Other nets we’ve done are for bird proofing which is to stop birds from nesting on buildings. We also do spikes for bird proofing as well.

Our multi-task workforce are able to utilise many complex specialised rope access techniques for the installation and dismantling of our safety netting systems.

Crown Services Organisations Ltd example of a safety netting work project can be seen below:

Kent University 2019 –  (see our blog post for detailed information of the project) 

Network Rail, Square One – Manchester


During high winds, 3 large aluminium cladding panels had come loose on the Network Rail Square One building Manchester. These were welded and re-fixed to the building.

Then to prevent any other panels coming loose, Crown Services fitted 500sqm of 4mm twine knotted netting (which is designed for heavy duty strength and abrasion) to the whole of the rear elevation. It was fitted with tensioning wire and fixings to ensure the aluminium cladding is safely secured to the building until we design and implement a permanent solution.

Bird Netting – Spiking

Bird netting and spiking is an effective and lasting solution against pest bird infestation. Install bird netting or spikes wherever you want to keep pest birds out. The application will provide protection of areas of any property that must be kept safe. When installed properly, bird spikes can last a lifetime.