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Our scaffolding services team are very efficient and have over 25 years experience in the scaffolding profession. We aim to work to the highest standard and offer an expert pricing structure.

One of the benefits of using our company is that we specialise in rope access techniques to carry out high level inspections, maintenance and repairs which is very cost effective. If the use of scaffolding is required, we use a suspended, fan deck, roof access or drop scaffolding, so it does not affect the daily running of the building or impose on the public highway. Using drop or a suspended scaffold is also cost effective in comparison to a tower scaffold from ground level.

Scaffolding Services

  • We use a suspended scaffold or drop scaffolding, so it does not affect the daily running of the building or impose on the public highway
  • Fan deck scaffold
  • Roof access scaffold
  • Bespoke scaffold for the needs of the client
  • Full insurance cover and accreditations
  • Refurbishment scaffolding
  • Scaffolding for surveys, inspections, maintenance and repairs for high rise buildings

See a few examples of our completed works below:

Fan Deck Scaffold / Debenhams – Manchester

Fan deck scaffolds are constructed for the effectiveness of any building or structure at retaining typical objects falling in likely scenarios. Lose brick can easily fall during maintenance repairs, our fan deck scaffold ensures the safety of the public below. Due to Market Street in Manchester being extremely busy at all times, there were safety concerns raised of potential falling objects from the building whilst carrying out such inspections.

A full scaffold from the ground up would impose on the public walkway, therefore impacting the store. Not to mention the huge cost implications that would be incurred from man hours erecting the scaffolding. As you can see from the picture below our fan deck scaffolds protect the public walking underneath at all times.


All aspects of safety were thoroughly thought out, including a cordoned off zone with barriers, signage and a ground marshal to be in place at all times whilst the work was being carried out.

Roof Access Scaffold – Grand Hotel Llandudno

Scaffolding services, saving you money and gaining access to any hard to reach areas of your building with our bespoke roof access scaffold. This versatile unit is available to suit any building or structure solving all your access solutions.

As you can see from the pictures below we can be adapted for special applications such as access to high rise dormer windows, roof repairs and maintenance issues.

Fan Deck Scaffold & Cradle – Centurion House Manchester

We were asked to carry out a survey on Centurion House to investigate possible sources of water ingress. Our experienced team carried out a full abseil survey of all four elevations. Using specialised rope access techniques we submitted a full report with photographic evidence.

From the detailed report we found various windows needed to be sealed and small brickwork repairs. This had to be carried out using specialist cradles and a suspended fan deck scaffold to keep the public safe below. Due to the location of the building and it’s close proximity to busy public pavements we had a Marshall at ground level at all times. The Marshall communicated to the abseilers via 2-way radio. See below photographic evidence of our unique fan deck scaffold.

Palace Hotel – Manchester

Midland Hotel – Manchester

The Christie Hospital – Manchester

Scaffolding services we cover at Crown Services including fan deck scaffold, suspended scaffold, roof access scaffold, drop scaffold and cradle scaffold. We can save you money on high rise building maintenance, inspections and repairs.

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Scaffolding Services