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With significant experience and skill Crown Services Organisations Ltd are experts at stone repair services. Offering a wide range of masonry services which can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the client or project.

Combining expert training with 25 years of experience our recent work has included the sympathetic re-pointing of specialist fabrics using lime putty, masons putty and ancient monument re-pointing mediums. Above all we recognise that working to preserve the heritage and character of all buildings is of the utmost importance.

We are able to complete successfully even the most demanding of projects. Contact us for all your stone repair services, we will save you money.

Stone Repair Services

  • Restoration, conservation and repairs
  • Stone cleaning and re-pointing
  • Bespoke hand-carved masonry
  • Installation of cladding and walling stone
  • Vegetation removal
  • Painting

Stonemason Repair Services

  • Carving new or old stone
  • Repointing with traditional mortars including hydraulic lime and lime putty mortars
  • Pre-cast stone supply and/or fix

Expert Stone Repair Services

  • Repointing and rebuilding any buildings or structures
  • We also undertake brickwork, terracotta, faience and stucco render repairs
  • We are fully insured qualified and trained

See some of our work below:

Lily Lane Primary School – Manchester June 2015

Left hand side apex front elevation. Vegetation was removed then the coping stones were removed and re-bedded. The front and side elevation and one third of the rear elevation were accessed by tower scaffold, however for the two thirds of the rear elevation this was accessed using our rope access techniques. We can reach any awkward areas and take pride in every project we complete.


Right hand side dome front elevation. Vegetation was removed from the top of the dome, then the terracotta stone could be removed and re-bedded.

Kenwood Hall – Sheffield

We dismantled and rebuilt a section of the boundary wall. We set aside as much of the original sandstone as possible to keep the original wall in tact. As part of the project we had to erect a scaffold to both sides of the boundary wall and match the original detail.

Once the works had been completed we removed the scaffold and debris to leave the site immaculately clean.

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Before & After Repairs

Bruntwood Plaza – Liverpool

This structural specification was the redecoration of the lattice fins at the top of the high rise building and repairs to the concrete support beams forming the summit promenade on the 17th floor, all to be carried out using specialised rope access techniques.

Due to the heavy salt content and the damp conditions brought about by the wind from the estuary, stringent preparation had to be adhered to in order to achieve a high quality redecoration finish to the paint manufacturer’s specification. This involved a vast amount of water to remove the salt content and then four individual paint applications were applied.

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High Rise Painting & Stone Repairs

Selsdon Park Hotel – Croydon

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Stone Repair Services

Central London – Hotel

Central London – Hotel