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Welding services from Crown Services Organisations Ltd offering a wide range of welding and engineering services to assist your business. Outlined below are some of the works we carry out, although this list is not exhaustive so if you have a large scale project requirement that is not covered below, contact us and we will look into it for you.

We use rope access techniques which enables our operatives to work safely and gain access to any high rise buildings and hard to reach areas. This method is used as it is rapid, efficient and has minimal impact to the public and on the structure in question.

Welding Services

  • We carry out general welding repairs to all types of machinery and equipment
  • Welding repairs for machine parts
  • Welding for heating systems
  • Welding for wet systems
  • Welding for radiant systems
  • We always fulfil your requirements to exact specifications
  • Weathervane repairs

General Maintenance and Industrial Services

  • We can assist in attending to the breakdowns of your plant as well as offering regular servicing facilities should you decide to take the proactive approach to breakdowns
  • We offer a 24 hour emergency call out number
  • We can carry out environmental assessments on your pipework installations to ensure that there are no leaks or losses
  • We carry out energy usage / waste assessments to advise on where money is being lost due to energy wastage and advise on and administer remedial actions as required

Plant Room Installations and Relocation

  • Should your business have the need to relocate your plant from one location to another, we aim to assist you in the whole process to make it as quick and efficient as possible causing as minimal disruption as possible to the operational effectiveness of your business
  • We also assist you if you are moving your plant from one part of a building to another
  • We will project manage the whole process for you from start to finish

Pipework Fabrication

  • We offer many pipework fabrication services to industries and carry out fabrication and welding services work to pipes (in all materials) servicing water, gas, air, oil as well as process pipework
  • We can repair existing installations, as well as lay down new pipework, with each new installation fabricated to your exact requirements
  • We can also help if you have requirements for plastic fusion pipework, water and gas installations

Steelwork Fabrication

  • We can fabricate access stairways and mezzanine platforms to your exact requirements
  • We project and manage all stages from initial design to the full installation and testing
  • We specialise in the fabrication of stainless steel and mild steel tanks
  • We can assist you at all stages of your order from initial consultation to installation and maintenance
  • We assist with bespoke fabrication welding services that handle all aspects of maintenance and repair to existing structures should an emergency arise

See some project works completed below: 

Cala Chem – Grangemouth

St Thomas Hospital Stockport – Weathervane Welding Repairs

The weathervane was in need of restoration, due to age and weather. We started to dismantle it to carry out the restoration work by fixing a scaffold around the dome for easy access. We carried out welding repairs and painted the weathervane before replacing it.

The dome also needed repairing and both needed to with hold the same weathering qualities to last without any repairs for a long period of time. All the repairs were completed using traditional techniques, the repairs will last for many years.

Mersey Tunnel – Liverpool

We were asked to remove the ladder using our welding services and the platform. As well as erecting a scaffold to remove all debris from the exhaust vent shaft.

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Welding Services